Client Projects

A selection of work for clients

London Biological Laboratories
London Biological Laboratories manages CL1 facilities for molecular and microbiology.
Romford MakerSpace
A place for makers in Romford
London BiohackSpace
London Biohackspace is a community run molecular biology and microbiology lab based at the London Hackspace. Our lab has been developed around the principles of the DIYbio code of ethics; its primary purpose is to provide access to lab equipment and bench space, for use in a safe manner, for individual or collaborative projects.
Bioactivator Biology Resources
Welcome to Bio Activator! Your first stop for DNA, Protein and microbial science kits. The BioActivator service recognizes that doing science doesn’t need to be expensive when you have the benefit of a helping hand. We have reviewed hundreds of products, and carried out thousands of experiments in order to bring you a range of kits that simply and concisely demonstrate the concepts of molecular, synthetic and evolutionary biology.